10 Ways Cloud Printing Can Save Your Business Time And Money

Business man with cloud computing concept on blurred city background

10 Ways Cloud Printing Can Save Your Business Time And Money

08:30 04 November in KYOCERA news

Business man with cloud computing concept on blurred city background

10 Ways Cloud Printing Can Save Your Business Time And Money

Cloud printing is a new way of managing print networks that all businesses should be aware of. This technology enables businesses to print anytime, anywhere, using the cloud. Printers are accessed via a network, and the cloud management company (such as ourselves) hosts a dedicated virtual print server for you.

Forward thinking businesses are realising the potential of cloud printing services and are starting to see benefits. Printing can be an exhausting process if you don’t have the right measures in place. So many businesses waste a huge amount of time and money on inefficient printers and printing procedures. Printing doesn’t have to be this difficult. Cloud printing is effortless. Here are 10 ways cloud printing can save your business time and money.


  1. Use any printer anywhere

Cloud printing enables you to use any printer anywhere. This will save time because employees don’t have to travel to a printer, they can just print from wherever they are. You can print documents to different locations, whether that’s a different office or a different country. Cloud printing enables you to print worldwide. This also means that mobile workers and those who work from home can log in remotely and print. Your printing system can be replicated across different departments, locations and buildings.

  1. Print using different devices

With Cloud printing you can print from all sorts of different devices, not just one desktop computer. Print from smartphones, laptops and tablets wherever you are. Companies that have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy will get huge benefits from Cloud printing. This is very convenient and makes printing much easier and quicker.

  1. Always up to date

Management, IT support and employees don’t have to waste valuable time downloading new software updates or making sure their software is up to date. We would do this for you, all software upgrades are automatic and instant.

  1. Less troubleshooting and support needed

With Cloud printing everything is taken care of. We manage all your printing and take care of any technical issues. This means that employees need less support and spend less time trying to sort out printing issues.

  1. Employees don’t have to replace toner and ink

A lot of businesses waste crucial time by sending out employees to get printer and toner or getting them to order them online. There is no need for this with Cloud printing because the printing devices automatically let us know when they are low on toner and ink, and we send supplies straight to you. This means that your ink and toner will always be replenished in good time and employees will always be able to print important documents for meetings.

  1. Printing data analysis

Take control over your printing rather than turning a blind eye and you will save a lot of money. With Cloud printing you can record what has been printed, who issued the printing and exactly when documents are printed. This gives you valuable data which you can monitor and analyse. You can then work out where and how you can make potential savings on printing costs. Costs can be allocated to individual teams and employees if necessary and you can reduce the amount of printing you do.

  1. Cloud printing takes less time

Cloud printing takes a lot less time, so employees can spend less time on printing and more time on other important business. It’s effortless and instant, which will save your business a great deal of time and money. Resource intensive tasks are taken care of by your cloud printing support team.

  1. Your IT team can focus on other issues

There is no need for your IT team to troubleshoot print issues because full support is provided. Their valuable time can then be used where it is most needed. Your IT team could be focusing on innovation rather than mundane printing issues.

  1. Enforce company printing policies

In many offices employees can print whatever they want and don’t have a cap on how much they can print. Even if you do have strict printing policies, they can be extremely difficult to enforce. Business with cloud printing have company printing policies hard-wired into every print request.

  1. Save money and improve your eco credentials

Get on board with cloud printing and you can save money whilst also improving your eco credentials. Documents don’t need to be posted or transported between offices, because they can be printed anywhere. This saves on travel costs, the amount of paper used and reduces your carbon footprint.





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