Fancy a round of golf?


Fancy a round of golf?

16:12 26 May in KYOCERA news



Apps. In not much more than a decade, we’ve all become avid users of them. Whether we’re tapping into our online banking, checking out the latest social media updates, firing up the sat nav app on our phones to beat the traffic on the way home, whiling away the time playing games or noodling through the latest news, apps are now an integral part of our lives.

As a result, technology is today less about the device itself and more about what the apps loaded onto it can do for you. Whether users are looking for time-wasting or time-saving apps, usage is on the up. In fact, mobile analytics firm Flurry reckons app usage shot up 58% in 2015 compared to a year earlier.

When it comes to app usage, the boffins at Flurry reckon productivity apps are leading this growth – usage soared a notable 119% last year – as people are doing more on their phones, phablets, and tablets, including activities that are still moving off the desktop – like email, or work productivity apps like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Slack.



Far from being the domain of mobile devices, the world of document solutions is embracing this app-centric world too. Indeed, one of KYOCERA’s trump cards when it comes to workflow solutions is its HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) app-based software which allows fully integrated solutions for businesses to be created.

These apps – available as both off-the-shelf products and tailor-made bespoke solutions – seamlessly fit into workflows and improve efficiency and user experience, turning multi-function devices into versatile, multi-tasking Swiss Army style stars of the office environment. In a nutshell, every print and document related problem faced by a business has a solution thanks to HyPAS.


Flexible solutions

The key thing with HyPAS is that it’s KYOCERA’s own platform and that means it employs numerous developers around the world, including an in-house one here in the UK, who create flexible app-based solutions for businesses.

Developed around real business needs and challenges, HyPAS supports everything from access into Google Docs and the Cloud, and it can be used to fill gaps in existing workflows and software solutions, amongst other things. A quick glance through the HyPAS showcase highlights just what’s available and, anecdotal evidence from KYOCERA’s channel partners suggests that end-users tend to opt for a combination of different HyPAS apps – devices can store up to five at any one time.


Boosting productivity

The innovative range of apps provide clever and cost-effective solutions for common workplace problems, ranging from printing and scanning to and from mobile devices, access to documents directly from an MFP, printing from the cloud and simple scanning straight to email.

Solutions are also scalable and can be sized to support a small business with five or 10 users, right up to international organisations with offices around the globe. Flexibility is crucial in the world of apps.

By now you’re probably wondering what the headline and golf have to do with this blog post? Well, to prove that it needn’t be all work and no play, the friendly developers at KYOCERA have developed KYOCERA Golf – a fun way to learn how powerful and adaptable HyPAS really is. What’s more, it’s a great way to tee off a bit of friendly office competition within your office… but be warned – it’s ever so slightly addictive!

Austin Clark

Austin Clark
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