Festive Facts To Help You Get In The Christmas Spirit

Car carrying a Christmas tree in a snow covered miniature evergreen forest

Festive Facts To Help You Get In The Christmas Spirit

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Car carrying a Christmas tree in a snow covered miniature evergreen forest

Some people find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit. Christmas seems to come around so quickly, often before we are ready for its arrival. December is upon us, so it’s officially time to start the festivities.

Don’t be a scrooge this year, there are plenty of things that can help to get you into the Christmas spirit. Here are some ways to ease yourself into Christmas 2015 and some fun festive facts to ignite your curiosity and interest in this special holiday.

How to get into the Christmas spirit

If you haven’t quite accepted that Christmas is just around the corner, then you might need to find some ways to feel a touch more festive. Fight the urge to ignore the festivities, and get those decorations up. As soon as your tree is standing tall and fairy lights illuminate your lounge you will start to feel festive.

Put on your favourite Christmas movie or listen to some classic festive tunes while you curl up on the sofa with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie. Booking your Christmas leave off work can also help you begin to unwind for Xmas, as you can look forward to guaranteed time off.

Arrange a secret Santa gift exchange, go out for festive drinks at your local pub and spend some quality time with your family, which is what the holidays are really about.


Fascinating festive facts to help you feel Christmassy

  • It takes between seven to 15 years to grow a Christmas tree, depending on its size.
  • In the UK, over eight million real Christmas trees are bought every year.
  • Wondering what the best selling Christmas song of all time is? Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ of course. It has sold over 50 million copies worldwide since its release in 1942.
  • Each Christmas, Britons eat 10 million turkeys.
  • 87% of Brits think Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Turkey.
  • The Queen’s Christmas speech was first televised in 1957.
  • In 1647 the British parliament passed a law that made Christmas illegal, it was overturned in 1660.
  • Coca-Cola managed to change Santa’s image. They persuaded an artist called Haddon Sundblom to portray Santa drinking a Coke. This increased sales of the beverage in 1931, since then, partly due to the success of the ‘Holidays Are Coming’ Christmas advert, people associate the drink with the festive season. Thanks to Coca-Cola, Santa went from being seen as a thin biblical character dressed in green to a slightly larger man dressed in a red outfit with a black belt and boots and white fur.
  • The amount of Sellotape sold in the run-up to Christmas is enough to cover 55 times the length of the River Nile at 369,00km.
  • Christmas dinners are unsurprisingly filled with calories, there’s 956 calories in the average main course. Without including a starter and pudding, and all the other bits and bobs we eat on Christmas day, you would have to walk 14 miles to burn this off (based on the average person).
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas actually contains 364 gifts which would costs £25,000 to buy.
  • Christmas trees usually grow for about 15 years before they are sold
  • Norway sends a Christmas tree to London every year (since 1947) to thank us for helping in the Second World War.
  • 6.8million IOS and Android devices will be activated on Christmas day.
  • 4.25 million Brits travel abroad for Christmas.
  • Father Christmas or Santa Claus as we know him as in the UK actually has lots of different names around the world including Le Befana (Italy), Pere Noel (France) and Kriss Kringle (Germany).
  • The largest Christmas cracker ever was a whopping 45.72 metres long.
  • The tallest Christmas tree ever cut was 221 foot high.
  • In Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece workers are entitled to a Christmas bonus of one month’s salary.
  • The Germans made the first artificial Christmas trees out of dyed goose feathers
  • 2,340,000 mph is the speed at which Santa’s sleigh would need to travel if he were to reach every home in the world on Christmas Eve.


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    Father Christmas is ‘Babbo Natale’ in Italian – ‘La Befana’ is something different :)

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