Get me to court on time

Judge Knocking Gavel

Get me to court on time

09:47 13 October in Legal sector

Judge Knocking Gavel

Get me to court on time!

When on jury service recently a key benefit of effective document management came to the fore. When, an hour or so into proceedings the defence counsel couldn’t find a required document, a few swipes of a tablet and an AirPrint enabled printer later, hey presto the document was presented to the powers that be. Not only did it save the blushes of the legal professionals involved, it also saved the court system plenty of time and money.

OK, this may be an extreme example of how document management solutions can be of benefit to organisations of all sizes, but the fact is that document management software is a crucial element of the digitisation of the modern world.

As more and more workers become mobile and/or home-based, being able to access documents whenever and wherever is absolutely essential. At the same time Gartner predicts that 38% of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2016, instead relying on Bring-Your-Own-Device policies, which means even office-based staff will benefit from the ability to access, edit and share documents to and from myriad different devices.

Multiple benefits

Throughout his post-election budget, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne made numerous mentions of the need for British businesses to improve efficiency; something that’s at the heart of effective document management. Some of the main efficiencies that can be achieved include:

Reduced physical storage: Paper takes up space – most of us can attest that extensive storage solutions are needed to handle mountains of paper. With office space becoming more expensive, reclaim space by scanning and storing documents digitally.

Instant access to documents: Finding paper documents can be time consuming. One of the major benefits of using a document management system is that staff can instantly access whatever documents they may need, regardless of where they are. Gone are the days of walking to and from a filing cabinet and time spent flicking through paper.

Robust indexing: A document management system will provide robust indexing capabilities, allowing all members of the team to know exactly where everything is at all times.

Improved customer service: Since a document management system can double as a knowledge base, customer service staff have instant access to any knowledge, troubleshooting tips, or specific documents.

Enhanced security: The best document management solutions ensure optimum safety of vital information.

Improved productivity: With the above in mind productivity levels will no doubt soar.

Perfectly suited

The best thing about document management solutions is that they are perfectly suited – and scalable – to any organisation that handles documents. Law firms, even when you take the need to quickly find and print a document out of the equation, are just one example of businesses that can really benefit. Searching for misfiled documents causes frustration and, more importantly, lost billing time.

Whatever the business and whatever sector they operate in, the return on investment will be less frustration for staff, happier clients and easily accessible documents. If only all your investments could do that.


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Austin Clark

Austin Clark
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