Interview with Jonathan Garuis – Marketing Intern

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Interview with Jonathan Garuis – Marketing Intern

08:34 04 August in KYOCERA news, Marketing, Misc

jonny 2

What is your role?
I am an intern based in the Reading office and I’m currently supporting the KYOCERA Marketing Team as a Marketing Executive. I am working here during the summer break from Uni.

What is your day like?
My day mostly consists of using CMS to keep the website up-to-date, sit in meetings to give me a better idea of marketing is about and currently conceptualising a new layout for the KYOCERA Connect website.

What do you enjoy most about working here?
The ping pong. The people. The work.

What are you studying and why?
I’m going into my final year studying psychology at Portsmouth University. I chose psychology mainly due to the fact I found it the most interesting subject at school, and a little bit to find out if it’s possible to read someone’s mind. You can’t, slight disappointment in that respect. But overall, I find it a really interesting subject and am happy I decided to put myself in £27,000 worth of debt to get a degree, albeit a subject that I have a genuine curiosity for.

What have you learned working here?
I’ve learnt what an office environment is truly like as I’d never experienced one before. I also discovered the calibre of ping pong at KYOCERA turns out to be higher than I thought, as a result pushed me to improve my table tennis skills. Mostly however, I discovered what marketing is really about, from the free merchandise/sweets to the actual marketing of KYOCERA. I’ve learnt how crucial marketing is to a company to bring in new clients and the range of roles of which I had no idea it covered.

What are your aspirations for the future?
Get a job in a similar setting to KYOCERA’s that I enjoy like I do here, that hopefully will allow me to pay off my student loan in its entirety.



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