New KYOCERA innovations offer simpler and safer document management

Businesswoman connected tech devices and icons applications to a digital planet earth

New KYOCERA innovations offer simpler and safer document management

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Businesswoman connected tech devices and icons applications to a digital planet earth

Recent product developments at KYOCERA Document Solutions have focused upon creating an even more efficient experience for users and administrators, while enhancing organisational security and regulatory compliance.


The addition of popular document management system, Filestar, to the KYOCERA portfolio is intended to support organisations in their objective to meet the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The web-based system can either be hosted in the cloud or on premise within the organisation’s own IT infrastructure. It allows the retrieval of files in seconds as users can quickly and easily locate all manner of documents from hard copy scans to videos and images.

Uniquely for KYOCERA customers, the system is also complemented by an app, powered by HyPAS, which sits on an organisation’s multi-function printer (MFP) and allows users to quickly scan documents straight into the correct location on the Filestar system.

As the GDPR approaches, Filestar can help organisations to meet stringent new rules around an individual’s right to be forgotten. Using the system, users can quickly search for that person’s name and delete all documents containing their personal information. In addition, the solution offers user access security and multi-layered file permissions, meaning data is secure from loss, damage and alteration. As the system also includes full version history, it preserves an audit trail needed by many organisations for compliance purposes.


KYOCERA offers various print, scan and copying security apps to helping print and document management to be cyber secure. Biometric identification and user authentication is already supported by KYOCERA Net Manager – which only releases print jobs once a user has identified themselves at an MFP ­– while data encryption, data overwriting processes and automatic deletion processes are further examples of the measures available to certify security.

To complement these capabilities, KYOCERA has launched the new SecureAudit app that allows users to identify print-related security vulnerabilities such as devices set with default admin passwords and open ports; flagging any weak spots within their printer. As well as improved general security posture, this measure also benefits organisations aiming to achieve GDPR compliance.

KYOCERA SecureAudit is available within KYOCERA’s suite of application software, powered by HyPAS.

SIMS Direct

For organisations in the education sector, SIMS (School Information Management System) is a core touchstone platform for a variety of processes from tracking student progress in class, to managing parental engagement, inspection visits and administrating behaviour and attendance records.  KYOCERA SIMS Direct is a new HyPAS module offering schools and colleges and simple method of scanning hard copy documents directly into the relevant record in SIMS using real-time lookups. SIMS Direct is easy to install with no middleware solution required.



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