What’s your office personality type?

What’s your office personality type?

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Personalities can have a huge impact on the dynamic in the office. Some personalities can be particularly challenging to deal with, and will constantly test your patience. Others are an asset to the team, will help you out, and make your day much more enjoyable.

Here are some common personality types you will find in the average office:

The cheeky character

They have a cheeky answer to everything, they love to have fun, and can be a HR nightmare by pushing boundaries, but always get away with it. Everyone loves them because they make people laugh in the office.

Mr or (Mrs) motivator

This person recognises when you’re down and picks you back up again. Everyone likes being around them because they make people feel EPIC.

The know it all

Perhaps one of the most frustrating characters in the office. The person who speaks over everyone, because they think they always know best. These people are often the ones who brown nose their way to the top.

The entertainer

Every office has an entertainer, a comedian of sorts who is able to lift the mood on really dull days. However, the entertainer can sometimes be a little over the top and too much when you are trying to get on with your work.

The aloof type

There will always be one person in the office who keeps themselves to themselves. They don’t really like to engage with their colleagues and would rather bury themselves in work. You probably won’t see them out for drinks after work on a Friday.

The giggler

Normally it gets to a certain point in the afternoon and people start to get a little silly. The giggler gets everyone in a silly mood and once they start giggling they just can’t stop. Their laughter is infectious.

The problem solver

It’s inevitable that there will occasionally be arguments and tension in an office. Therefore it’s handy to have someone who is has a knack for resolving conflicts. They are also very good in a crisis, if something dramatic happens everyone will turn to the problem solver.

The chatty socialiser

Every office has a chatterbox – someone who can’t resist chatting to their colleagues instead of getting on with their work. If you get stuck chatting to them in the kitchen you could be there for hours. Who cares about their neighbour’s cat?!

The workaholic

Some people are practically married to their jobs and will work above and beyond their pay grade. They are hardworking overachievers who want to climb the career ladder. They will always be the first in the office and the last to leave and probably hardly ever take a lunch break, making other people look bad.

The feeder

The person in the office who always has food. They bring in food and seem to want to make you fat with cakes, chocolate and naughty snacks.

The office mum

The one who you can go to when you’re not sure what to do or even if you just need a bit of a moan. She’s always there to look after you and perk you up. Every office needs an office mum.

These are just a few of the personality types you will come across in the average office. Which personality type are you?

Kiri Nowak

Kiri Nowak

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