Things You Should Do Before Work to increase productivity

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Things You Should Do Before Work to increase productivity

10:30 27 January in Misc

Want to get the most out of your mornings? It’s surprising how much of a difference changing your morning routine can make to the rest of your day. Start your day right and do things that are going to make you feel refreshed and motivated. There are also things you can do that just might make you more productive at work. If you want to have a successful day and get the most out of your mornings, here are some things you should do before you start work. .


Although it may seem difficult to get up and exercise, it’s definitely worth the effort. You will feel so much better afterwards. Doing exercise before work will give you a boost of energy and you will also feel a sense of accomplishment. It also helps you to wake up properly and feel ready for a new day. If you put off doing exercise until after work you are less likely to do it because you will feel tired.

Drink water

Drinking water is great for getting your metabolism going and replenishing your body. You often wake up dehydrated after eight hours sleep, so the best thing you can do is drink a glass of water. Add some refreshing lemon to a nice cool glass of water. Lemon has a number of benefits, it aids digestion, boosts your immune system, flushes out toxins and is good for your skin.

Have a hot drink

As long as you have had some water you can treat yourself to a hot drink. It’s soothing and comforting and can help you to feel ready to start the day. Avoid too much caffeine, trade tea and coffee in for a herbal tea or just have a mug of hot water.

Give yourself enough time

You need to have some time to yourself in the morning to gather your thoughts and prepare for your day. Your day certainly won’t get off to a good start if you are rushing around everywhere and don’t have time to do everything.

Have a decent breakfast

It’s something you hear all the time, because it’s true. Having a decent breakfast in the morning is very important. If you skip breakfast or don’t eat enough you won’t have enough energy to get through the morning. Try and have a breakfast that includes some sort of protein, as this will keep you fuller for longer.

Write a to do list

When we wake up in the mornings we immediately start thinking about everything we have to do. Stop your mind from stressing about the day ahead by writing down the things you have to do, in order of importance.

Get some fresh air

Whatever you do, make sure you find a way to get some fresh air before you get into the office. Walk to work, go for a stroll around the building when you arrive or do some exercise outdoors. You will feel much better for it.

Be grateful

It helps to think about a few things you are grateful for each morning. You will feel more positive and it will help you to face the day ahead.

Listen to your favourite music

If you have the time, try and listen to a few uplifting songs in the morning. You could play some music in your car whilst driving or listen to music on your iPod whilst on the train. It will instantly make you feel happier.

Have a moment with your family

If at all possible, try your best to grab a few moments with your partner or family before you leave for work. Have a short conversation, ask them how they are or simply give them a hug and a kiss before you leave.


Many people find meditation to be extremely helpful, especially in the mornings when things can get a little frantic. Take a few moments to do some meditation or practice mindfulness during your morning routine.

Splash your face with cold water

One of the best things you can do to help you wake up is to splash cold water over your face, or better still, take a cold shower. Cold water triggers neurochemicals that boost your mood and make you feel happier. It’s also really refreshing.

Read/watch something inspiring

Gather some inspiring quotes, find a book that helps you feel motivated or watch an inspiring video in the morning before you set off for work. It will put you in the right mind-set and will help you to start your day on a positive note.

Kiri Nowak

Kiri Nowak
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