Think beyond the box – Think Total Cost of Ownership


Think beyond the box – Think Total Cost of Ownership

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It’s easy to be led by your wallet when looking to buy a printer and get drawn to cheaper devices because of the lower upfront costs. But this sort of short-term thinking ignores the true costs of printing: buying the device is just the start of the process, and one of the key things to think about is the running costs. Of course, when purchasing a printer or MFP it is crucial to make sure that the product meets your needs, but it is the wiseman that thinks about more than just the box and sees that buying cheap may turn out to be just the opposite. You should always take a little more time to consider Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

There is one simple rule to remember – The cheaper the product, the more expensive it is to run.

This may not be an issue if you do not print very much, however, you will be surprised how quickly costs can rise if you get this wrong. Therefore, the first thing you should do is work out your Average Monthly Print Volume (AMPV). Most people can have a very good guess of how much they print in a day, take this number and multiply by 20 working days in a month to get your AMPV. Once you have this information you will be better equipped to make the right decision.

Make a shortlist of products for consideration based on specifications, functionality and price, then pause! You need to think running costs and think about TCO. How long do replacement toners last (specified in pages) and how much do they cost? What other consumables are required for each machine e.g. Image Drum units, Fuser units, Transfer belts, paper feed rollers etc. and how often do these components need to be changed. It’s all there on product datasheets, you just need to know how to read them.

To be in working out the TCO of a printer there are a few key steps. You first need to divide cost of each consumable by its life to determine the cost per page.

Price / Life = CPC

Once you have the CPC of each consumable, you can add add each of them together and start to build the TCO for each product.

Using ultra-long-life image drum technology means that depending, on how much you print, toner may be the only consumable you ever need to change. For example, you can work out how many pages a machine would have to print every day (based on printing 20 working days per month over three years) before the drum unit would need to be replaced. Any machine printing less than the pages-per-day value would deliver a toner only proposition.

Another thing to consider is the cost of a replacement toner. Many manufacturers offer several different toner capacities for each machine priced in such a way to force users to spend lots of money upfront to get the lowest possible TCO. KYOCERA generally only supplies one toner size per machine, with a capacity in fitting with its AMPV specification and always at a low cost, to keep TCO to a minimum. Making original toners highly affordable means KYOCERA customers can afford to use original toners, and don’t have to look for generic replacements that may be unreliable and risk printing performance. Our original toners are guaranteed to deliver the best print quality possible with optimum performance and the utmost reliability.

TCO may not be flashiest subject, but if you’re buying a printer for your office it’s essential that you’re not distracted by a low upfront price, when in the long run you may end up paying more for replacement parts and consumables such as toner. You need to look at a printer as a long-term purchase, rather than a one-off, and unless you do a careful analysis of the TCO of a range of products, you may be surprised by how your printing costs mount up over the lifetime of your printer.

Shortlist a range of products and do the calculations for yourself, you will discover that KYOCERA products deliver great specs, comprehensive functionality and the best TCO proposition.

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