Why we have added 3D printing solutions to our growing portfolio


Why we have added 3D printing solutions to our growing portfolio

07:00 09 September in Industry news



As the tech sector’s latest buzzword, 3D printing is sometimes viewed as being guilty of being talked about more than anything else. However, no other technology released over the last few decades has posed such a revolutionary potential when it comes to industries such as manufacturing and research and development.

Put simply, 3D printing’s impact is so significant that, as Obama declared, it has the potential to quite literally revolutionise the way we make things. Sector experts are predicting that this invention will finally bring technology to the masses, democratising the ability to make complex projects a reality.

But 3D printing technology is already being embraced across the globe: within the manufacturing of aircraft by firms like Boeing and General Electric, along with the automotive, retail and food production sectors. It has even been leveraged to build basic buildings.

Why 3D print? Here at KYOCERA Document Solutions UK, we practice what we preach, making it our business to continuously innovate. That’s why we are one of the first multifunction printer companies to launch 3D printing into the UK market.

By partnering with 3D Systems, we are able to offer a range of 3D technology, starting from entry-level plastic jet printing all the way through to direct metal printers. As the first company to commercialise 3D printing, 3D Systems brings with it 30 years’ experience as an industry leader.

Why now?

Currently at the peak of document management solution innovation, we want to drive the 3D printing revolution forward to support a wide range of sectors. 3D printing will assist with the development of processes in industries such as education, healthcare and manufacturing.

The 3D print market is growing at an incredible rate, with Wohlers Report predicting the worldwide industry will treble in value by 2018. As 3D technology becomes accepted within enterprise, its shift to mainstream will only be a matter of time.

By entering the market now, we are able to gain a better understanding of 3D technology before demand explodes and by being ahead of the curve, we hope to become an expert on the practical outputs of 3D printing.

How does it benefit businesses?

For businesses that want to be more efficient in cost, design and manufacturing, 3D print can transform business processes. It enables businesses to improve on time, money and quality, by:

  • Enabling freedom of creation
  • Increasing accuracy and quality
  • Minimising waste
  • Developing learning
  • Increasing opportunities for innovation

What does this mean to you as a customer? The addition of 3D printing as a KYOCERA service will help to push forward innovation within the printing industry and aid businesses across the country to embrace digital transformation.

At the forefront of change within the sector, we offer the latest innovative solutions and services to our customers. The high level of service support available for 2D printing devices will now be extended across 3D devices, giving customers the opportunity to employ 3D technology to set them far ahead of the technological curve. It can help companies to not only reduce research and development costs, but also to bring products to the market quicker and help to differentiate firms from competitors.

It has long been predicted that we are on the cusp of a printing revolution. By adding 3D printing solutions to our list of services, we hope to enable the workplace of the future, and strengthening our portfolio is definitely a step in the right direction.



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